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Just the thing to complete off your printed piece with a grand finish.  Bindery is the last step to create the best documents. 

Some examples of of our bindery and finishing include:

Folding – We have several paper folding services available, including all standard and specialty folding. Some popular folding services include gate fold, z-fold, tri-fold, map folding and half & half fold. We use four folding machines to meet our customers’ needs.

Perforating & Scoring – Perforating and scoring printed materials allows for easier folding and processing. With the latest specialty papers and printing processes, the perforating and scoring must be precise.

Booklets   – Saddle stitching is used to bind catalogs, magazines and more. The printed materials are held together with two or three pieces of wire stitching. This is a durable and cost-effective method, and accommodates a wide range of sizes and formats.

Hole Drilling – Paper drilling puts round holes in large quantities of paper. We can provide 1- to 5-hole drilling in paper material that is already stitched or bound or in stacks of loose leaves.

Shrink Wrapping – Shrink wrapping is an alternative to hand wrapping and bagging. Your printed materials are covered in a clear protective film, so counting, inventorying and distribution of your materials is much easier.

Laminating – Laminating helps keep your printed materials looking pristine for years to come. The material has a glossy or matte finish, which adds to its superior look. Lamination is an excellent choice for paper materials that will be displayed or repeatedly handled.

Numbering – new media that conforms to a variety of surfaces has enabled interior and exterior spaces to be transformed using digitally printed wall murals and floor graphics.